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Why should I support the campaign?

If prohibition is ended, your company will benefit from the new legislation.

If cannabis laws change in the Czech Republic and Germany, it is highly likely that other EU countries will follow suit.

PR for your brand – while we don’t want to promise that money will buy you advertising, we will still mention you as a sponsor and supporter on relevant social networks and websites.

You will support a good cause that will help free cannabis from the grip of ineffective, expensive and harmful prohibition.

What my money will be used for?

We will only use part of the amount you pledge in the first phase – we will use it to pay for the strategy preparation, the manager’s salary, web development and social media management. We will also usethe money to prepare the crowdfunding campaign. If there are any funds left over, we will use them in phase 2.

The rest of the pledged money will be used in a crowdfunding campaign once it is launched. This way we will be able to accelerate the crowdfunding.

We will use the collected funds to implement the communication campaign and we will transparently account for every penny spent. We will prepare a regular summary of activities and expenditures for sponsors.