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What is it about?

In November 2023, the Czech government commissioned the national drug coordinator Mr. Jindřich Voboril to submit a draft bill on cannabis regulation. The bill is expected to go to the Chamber of Deputies for the first reading in early 2024 and the vote should take place the same year.

Representatives of the Czech hemp cluster (CzecHemp), Safe Cannabis Association (ABK) and established an NGO called Racionální regulace (Rational Regulation), which is preparing a nationwide campaign to put pressure on the political representation and thus contribute significantly to the adoption of the regulation bill.



A crowdfunding campaign targeting supporters

The aim of this campaign is to raise enough funds for media and other activities related to gaining public support.


A full-scale campaign

The aim of this campaign is to convince politicians that cannabis regulation is an issue that their constituents care about and that resonates in society. Targeting print and visual media, the aim is to dominate the media monitoring of legislators (MPs, i.e. Deputies and Senators).